Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mod Podge Mod Melts and Molds Review

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about the new Mod podge mod melts and molds.  I purchased my from Michael's,and the cost is $7.99 for the mod melts,and $6.99 for the molds.

I really like working with the mod melts they cool in about 10 minutes give or take.  Which is great when your working on a project and need something in a hurry!   After they are cool they are nice and solid, however they do have a little bit of flexible not much but a little.  They are not completely hard like resin,or clay pieces are.  Now these are to be able to take other mediums I have not tried that just yet.  That's going to be another day.  The mod molds to be honest are just like any other mold out there.

I know this post is all about mod podge,but as I was playing with this I decided to pull out my melting pot and play with some UTEE.  I'm so glad that I did.  I must admit I was having so much fun!!  So the only reason I decided to try some utee in this mold was to see what the difference would be.  And to see if the impress would be the same.  To be honest and you can see the pictures below to form your own opinion, I think both look great and both have the same amount of detail.

I'm going to include my video below in which I do a complete demo on this product,and some photo's to.  So I wanted to give my true opinion and feeling about this product so far.  I do really like it, however this is something that you don't have to have or need.  These mod melts are just like another type of medium to use.  If you have clay or resin that will do just fine.  Now don't get me wrong these are nice and I do really,really like them but they are not a necessity to have.  Now for the molds any silicone mold will work.  So for the price of the molds, I would just look on eBay for some because you can get them allot cheaper.  

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