Saturday, June 12, 2010

Taking a few weeks off

Just wanted to leave everybody know that I have to take off a few weeks. I had a family emergency come up, and need a few weeks to be with my family. If I have sometime I will try and post.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Special Hello Thrusday

Boy I'm getting excited to see what these new Cricut lite carts are all about. I've been reading on the cricut message board and some like and some dislike. I can't wait to see for myself. This is a special hello Thursday, I think i read that these carts are exclusively to wall mart and there is like 24 of them. Now I did see some pics, and know there is a cat one;however in my opinion I did not like. i don't like the paper pups either so that just my thought.

Making envelopes using Kreate-A-Lope

I just wanted to share with everyone how I make my envelopes. I use the Kreate-A-Lope. It's super easy and only take a few mins to make. So here is a quick video on how I do it. I hope you all enjoy,and please leave a comment.

Thanks a bunch and have a great day!!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Simple duck card using Create A Critter

Sorry that i haven't had any post in a while, its been real busy around here. And I've been working on a couple really cute projects,I'm trying to get them finished up so i can share with everybody. Well today's card was made for my sister, she has been going thought a tough time even tho she is only 19, I wish that I only had her problem,cause life should would be easy. Sometime i wish I could be 19 again,but in a way I don't. I enjoy getting older and wiser. Anyway back to the card, really simple and cute at the same time. I hope you all enjoy and please feel free to leave a comment or subscribe to my blog.