Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A New Year and New Changes

First off let me start off saying I hope you all had a great New Year's!  It's been a while since I made a post or even did any type of crafting.  With the holidays and so much going on I really had no time for crafting and even if I did I just didn't feel like it. Sometimes you just lose your mojo,well at least for me.  I just wanted to give you a little update about whats going on with me.

First off this year I decided to participate in the One Little Word (OLW) class again this year.  I'm really hoping to do a post once or twice a month about my progress with my word.  So sometime this week I should be putting up a post about OLW.

The next thing on my list is my blog!  I decided this week to start making some changes on my blog.  So I've been making some changes slowly.  If you happened to stop by and it just doesn't look right I'm probably messing with it.  I've been wanting to learn a little about html and css coding in order to make my blog a little more personal.  So far so good I had made some changes already this week and I'm really like the way it starting to look. Now since I'm making all these cosmetic changes I hoping to start posting on a more regular basis.  No promise on that, but I'm really hoping to!  I had a couple of ideas floating around I just haven't committed to any just yet.  If you stop and I haven't posted in a while check out my YouTube channel.  A lot of times it so much easier for me to make a video and upload it to YouTube.

So that pretty much sums up everything for me.  Again I should be posting something about OLW later this week.  If you interested in finding out some more info about One Little Word click HERE to go check out Ali blog!  If you want click on my social media icons at the top of my blog to follow me socially!  Until next time have a wonderful day!

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