Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dress Form Mini Calendar

So back at Christmas time I was watching a you stream for your paper pantry,they had this 8-10hrs show with different people doing all different projects all day. I didn't get to watch the whole show,but I did catch a couple of them and this one lady did this dress form calendar. So super cute!!! So I decided to do a few for my family and friends,and just got around to making mine. I just love these the are so cute and cheap to make. And did I mention easy. So I got the wooden dress form from Michael's. It is in the kids wood section and they cost 3.99 they are a jewelry stand. The mini calendar is from www.creativemamma.com and it was free. You can use any calendar you want but I found these calendars so cute. In this video I just explain what I did,it isn't a step by step video tutorial. Sorry Anyways I hope you all enjoy and have a great day.

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